The Worlds Best Security System

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Security Officer Jay has created the worlds best security system.

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  • Shanon Rowland

    Good idea!

  • Draconis Blackwater

    you really think hes gonna play vampire and request entry?

    • Sam Casey

      Actually, yes. Most rapes happen when a rapists makes his victim feel comfortable enough to let them in. It’s not a smash in, rape, pillage and plunder. These guys, while being total fuckwads, have indeed thought things out……somewhat.

  • Ballistic45

    Let him hear a 12 Ga. Shotgun chambering a round then the male voice… LOL …

    • Sam Casey

      Usually the *slap slap* is all it takes. LOL

    • bbgunplinkplink

      That is a myth.

  • IanClunas

    Sliding a pump shotgun action gets alot of attention.

  • Martin Morrison


  • Tim

    Yes because because my fake, sorry, no count brother who’s still laid up in the bed sleeping at mid day is a force to be reckoned with!

  • Allan Folsom

    Radio shack also sells a radio type device that plays a loud barking of a German Shepard which does the same thing.