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Russian Hitman’s Insane Office Escape Footage

Russian Hitman’s Insane Office Escape Footage¬† — Warning Viewer Discretion Advised Watch this insane footage as you’ll be mind blown by how far this Russian hitman will go to escape his death and retrieve the item he was hired to acquire. Yes it’s a produced go pro action sequence but man did they do a […]

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Brain Freeze Contest Fail – Surprise Ending

Brain Freeze Contest Fail Watching something like this makes me lose faith in humanity but hey, what are you going to do other than laugh your ass off to some of these participants. I am so glad that somebody was able to capture this contest on footage because these contestants are trying so hard to […]


Are These The Worst Logo Design Fails of All Time?

We all know that a logo can either make or break a business and when starting a new company, it’s extremely important to choose a logo that is simple, easily understood and that sticks out from your competitors. Some of the following businesses took that last bit a little too seriously. Although it’s important to […]

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Ultimate Close Call Wins Compilation – PHEW

Ultimate Close Call Compilation – Watch Some people get lucky and avoid near death or serious injury. Here we have a compilation that’ll have your palms sweating and realize that there maybe is a higher being out there who looks out for us in certain circumstances. These close calls will make you think twice about […]

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Idiot w/ Baseball Bat VS Scary Bouncer – FAIL

Idiot w/ Baseball Bat Vs Scary Bouncer — Watch Here I do not know the back drop to this story but it seems like the man with a baseball bat is holding a big grudge against the bouncer probably from a previous night. This wanna be Freddy Kruger walks up to the bouncer with utmost […]


How To Build A Log Cabin Man-Cave for $107

Does your house have an old basement or extra room that you’re just dying to convert into an epic man-cave? Do you lack either the inspiration or the funds to do it? If so, you’re in luck. One man was able to transform his old basement into one of the most amazing man-caves we’ve ever […]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail with Tractor

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail We’ve seen more than enough ALS ice bucket challenge videos around the web. Some are clever, some waste water, some are just plain stupid, I’ve even seen some people use tequila instead of water. But this one takes the cake to be the best one we’ve seen so far because […]

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This Is How to Stop a Police Search Without Consent

If you ever wondered how to stop a police search without consent, here is a quick and clear demonstration on how to do it with real life footage. With the right response and proper manner, you can repel any aggressive police officer who will try to take advantage of you to get what they want. […]