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The Perfect Headshot in Under One Second

Reflexive Fire at its Finest… Instructor Zero shows off his gun-slingin’ skills in this video. Somehow, he is able to draw, aim and fire his handgun all under one second, striking a perfect headshot at 25 meters.  (Wizardry?) Watch:

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SHOCKING: “Son of Hamas” Author Speaks Out on CNN

In the Mosques, Hamas taught us that without shedding innocent blood… we won’t be able to build an Islamic State.” In case you’ve been misled: Hamas is neither a legitimate government, nor a worthy avatar of the people of Gaza. The terrorist organization known as Hamas has pulled the wool over the eyes of both their primary […]

Carrying a Firearm 201

Carrying a Firearm 201 – Modes of Carry

  Carrying a Firearm 201 After the decision to purchase a firearm and to pursue the option of legal carry, the next important step for the gun owner is to choose a mode of carry. Simply put, where on your body will you place the pistol? The choices available are incredibly diverse, ranging from the […]

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Woman tries to drive off while being towed (Surprising Result)

Woman drives off while being towed <– PLAY Woman cannot afford to pay her fancy pantsy Black Escalade, so she tries to make a big run for it by pushing on the gas pedal as hard as she can, while its attached to the tow car. Most idiotic escape attempt I’ve ever witnessed. Also the […]

Clint Eastwood - Top 10 pro gun Celebrities

Top 10 Pro Gun Celebrities

Top 10 Pro Gun Celebrities #10 – Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner, star of The Avengers and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, has a very simple and practical point of view when it comes to guns.   Renner states: I’m for guns. I own guns and I don’t think guns kill people, I think people kill people.”

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Very Fast RC Car Hits Leg at 100 MPH and the Outcome is Enormous

Fast RC Car Hits Leg at 100 MPH<—-Play We didn’t even know that RC Cars can go up to 100 MPH. If that wasn’t surprising enough, we never knew the outcome of it hitting a person going full speed would be so devastating. Enjoy. From the OP ….. “The car swept Gentry’s legs out from under […]

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Another Fat Bully Bites The Dust – Very Satisfying

Another Fat Bully Bites The Dust <——Play Another fat bully bites the dust after what it seems like an eternity of picking on someone for no apparent reason. The constant harassment, nasty remarks, pushes, and hostility eventually ticks the good guy in this fight. Justice is served throughly after the first punch is thrown by […]

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SHOCKING – Motorcycle Crashes Into 3 Bicyclists

Motorcycle Crashes Into 3 Bicyclists<-PLAY This is something you don’t see everyday, a motorcycle crashes hard into 3 bicyclists at once and wipes them out. I really don’t understand why the motorbike was not able to avoid the bicyclist as it wasn’t a head on collision. Even though it was a rear end collision, the […]


1 Man Fights Off 3 Thugs in Panama Beach

1 Man Fights Off 3 Thugs <— Play This 1 man who seemed to have done nothing wrong is assaulted by 3 thugs at once. He is bigger than them and even tougher than them. The 3 thugs try their best and keeps on coming while the bigger gentleman does all he can to survive and […]